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Achtis are manufacturers and distributors of decorative floor and walling systems, we do not undertake contract work. However our customers do, so if you are looking for someone to undertake the work for you we are happy to help you find a local contractor near you.

Working out a microcement quote will depend on several factors

    Which system will you be using – mineral or resin based microcement?

    What finish do you want to achieve – smooth, textured, soft cloudy, industrial looking?

    Are you coating walls or floors – or both?
    What’s the sub base – screed, tiles, plaster, render, ply?

Prices for microcement jobs are determined by area, existing sub base structure, finish required, the size of the job, which products you use and the contractor costs. It’s never just a case of it’s 10m² – trust us we’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

With that in mind we always work out a microcement quote for each job – it gets you what you want, saves wasting product and saves your money.

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