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Rialto Durasil is a siloxane based, water repellent and breathable primer for lime based products. Applied to already smooth surfaces before applying products such as Epoca Ottocento, Epoca Spatolato, Epoca Marmo or Antiqua.

water-repellent and hardening treatment for plaster, reinforced concrete, bricks, and any other porous stone material


effective against the aggressive action of acid rain

dramatically reduces the risk of salt formation

does not alter water vapour permeability of the treated material

It can be painted over after 48 hours

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Product Features

Rialto Durasil is a water based, penetrating primer. It is both a water-repellent and a hardening treatment for plasters, reinforced concrete, bricks, and any other porous stone material. It can also be used over traditional lime, lime and cement plasters, concrete, reinforced concrete and fibre cement to reduce the chance of salt efflorescence.

Durasil does not affect the existing surfaces’ vapour permeability. It is an ideal undercoat for lime based decorative wall coatings on both interior and exterior walls.

  • water repellent
  • reduces the chance of salt formation considerably
  • easy to apply
  • compatible with lime based decorative wall finishes – does not effect breathability of surface
  • ready to use

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Technical Data

Average coverage is 6 – 8 m2/l on normal plaster, but it may vary considerably according to the nature and absorption rate of the material

touch dry 2 hours

recoat 48 hrs

supplied in 5kg and 20kg

Ready to use

can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer