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Wax 15

Rialto Wax 15 has been formulated to add protection to smooth lime-based wall products on interior walls such as Epoca Spatolato and Epoca Marmarino

BREATHABLE and water repellent

easy to use

INTERNAL APPLICATIONS on lime based products

does not change the base colour


water based

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Product Features

Rialto Wax 15 is a combination of natural waxes, soap, water-based solvents and siloxane additives, to protect and polish interior walls. It is specifically designed be used on seasoned slaked lime finishes with a smooth texture, such as marmorino, venetian plasters and stuccos.


  • water based emulsion
  • ready to use
  • easy to apply
  • water repellent
  • doesn’t influence the color tone of the lime finish
  • translucent and smooth effect
  • can be tinted with inorganic Rialto tinting pastes
  • odourless
  • not prone to shrinkage
  • non-flammable
  • non-toxic
  • mildew-resistant thanks to the natural antiseptic properties of lime
  • low environmental impact (e.g. low CO2 emissions, low VOC)ensures a good
  • it provides excellent vapour permeability to the support (Class V1according to UNI EN
    ISO 7783-2)
  • it meets the requirements of durability and adhesion required by standard EN 15824
    (adhesion > 0,3 MPa, durability >
    0,3 MPa)
  • it can be used in bio-architecture because of the characteristics of the lime present
    in the mixture, they are in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 459-1 (lime
    DL 90-5 S PL)
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    Technical Data

    Coverage rate approx. 7 m²/l

    Touch dry in 30 minutes

    One coat application

    Available in 1l

    ready to use

    Applied with a brush and polish with a soft cloth