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When you need to get the job done fast – Politura 2 day Micro Cement System

With speed the main challenge, contractors Flexflooring Ltd, decided to use Achtis’ Politura microcement for the refurbishment of the Adidas store in Carnaby Street.

Completing a store refurbishment is never an easy task, the client always wants a quick turnaround, after all if the shop isn’t open it’s not making money. The refitting of the Adidas store in Carnaby Street was always going to be a challenge due to its location in the centre of London. There was also the usual problems created by having so many trades all vying for space and getting in one another’s way.

“Politura as a two-day system, is quicker to install than other microcement,” said Simon Hubble, director. “And on top of that it is an easy system to use.”

“The primer is extremely civil, it’s easy to apply and touch dry within a couple of hours at 20 0C.  And The body coat just flows better than other microcements making it easier to apply,” he added.  “The fact that it’s a just add water system, so there is no measuring on the job; comes pre-coloured, guaranteeing finish just make it a really friendly system.”

Politura is so much quicker to apply as a system for the following main reasons:-

  1. The penetrating primer doesn’t just coat the surface but creates a bondable coating and is touch dry within a couple of hours at 20 0C.
  2. The polymer ratio within Politura mean that there is no need to put additional layers of primer between the layers of micro cement.
  3. Drying times are cut drastically with the use of the quartz sand grains as opposed to softer calcium carbonate filled products.
  4. The quartz also adds strength to the product so you don’t need to build up as many layers.
  5. Sanding between applications is also quicker and easier because there is a lot less dust created, again due to the quartz sand.

Mr Hubble also mentioned the pot life and working time give them plenty of time to apply the product and the fact that the finish felt stronger than other microcements within just 24 hours. He also said, “I can see Flexflooring doing a lot more jobs with Politura, the faster drying time and ease of use means we can be much more competitive on both domestic and commercial projects.”