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Which Microcement Should I Use? or HELP! I Don’t Know About The Different Types of Microcements.

Knowing which microcement to choose is not as hard as it might seem, there are a few performance criteria that make it fairly simple to choose between the different types of microcements out there. This brief overview is a great place to start as it explains the different types of microcements and how they perform so you can choose which microcement is best for your project.

So in basic, non-technical terms, there are two types of microcements. The first is the ‘true’ microcement, a cement-based system with added polymers that creates a mortar which is usually applied with a trowel. The second type is known generally as a ‘waterproof’ resin based microcement and is an epoxy or polyurethane incorporating an aggregate and mimicking the look of a ‘true’ microcement. We’ve listed below some of the performance criteria for each system in a brief overview. Hopefully, it will give you some answers – and if not please feel free to call our team on 01472 240340 – sometimes talking to a human is just so much easier.

We’ve simplified the language here to cement based and resin based microcements. We understand that a cement system also includes modified polymers – which are a type of resin.

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Comments in this article pertain to the Politura and Errelab microcement systems specifically