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ErreLAB Pietra Continua

Hard Resins with Stone Effect

Pietra Continua

Noble Heritage

The exclusive collection of hard resins Pietra Continua ErreLAB sets a new parameter in the creation of floors and continuous surfaces.

A material with superior hardness in an imposing stylistic definition, condensed with true craftsmanship.

Six finishes that evoke the passage of time, the eras that follow one another, in the austere beauty of the rock, central and insistent in our present.

From the soft and delicate tones of Basalto and Calcare, through the elegant dance of material flows of Quarzite and Travertino, up to the restless grandeur of Porfido and Scisto, Pietra Continua recalls the ancient charm of rock in a stylistic homage to the severe craftsmanship of nature.

Each of the six Pietra Continua finishes is declined in three different chromatic accents, Style, Elegance and Trend.



A coating with superior hardness in a water-based and solvent-free formulation, pigmented with natural earths and oxides and enriched with lava powder, quartz and mica, for a surface that does not simply derive its name from the stone.

The surfaces in Pietra Continua are unique and unrepeatable creations every time. The body of the cladding and the stone finish are obtained through the artisan application of the material.
There will never be a repetition in texture or shape, but as in a natural process, the product acquires its peculiar appearance from its plastic characteristics.
This is the heart and meaning of a Pietra Continua surface.

ErreLAB has drawn inspiration from the perfection of nature to create an aesthetic and sensorial suggestion that is, for the designer and for the end user, a stimulus to define environments in a different, harmonious and engaging way.
An invitation to reflect, observe and understand that there is always a lesson to be learned, and that the constructive stimulus and creative spark that characterizes us comes from the world around us.

System Key Features

Extremely Hard Wearing

Hand Finished Unique Floors

Stain resistant

Versatile – floors, walls, worktops

Pre Pigmented

Can be laid on screed, tiles or timber

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Why choose this system?

  • Versatility – huge variety in finishes and application methods
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Hard wearing
  • Can be used vertically as well as horizontally
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Excellent Stain resistant
  • UV resistant options
  • Over 100 colours
  • Over 50 years experience