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Fantastic response to the new Politura range

How was the New Politura microcement received?

It doesn’t matter how much research and development you put into a new product, launching it onto the market is always a nerve wracking experience. So it was with the usual trepidation that Achtis launched the new Politura microcement and waited for the feedback.

We knew it would perform, after all we’ve tested it destruction in our labs. And we know that it looks the part – no point launching it if it doesn’t.  But even after all the correct preparation we still didn’t know if our customers would like it – even after spot tests.  Remember the trouble Coca Cola had with its new recipe?

Designed with the contractor in mind

Now don’t get us wrong we know we have a great product, having designed it with both the contractor and the client in mind.

  • It’s easy to apply –  the molecular structure designed to be easy to put down.
  • Simple to use – just add water to the tub it’s supplied in.
  • Can be supplied in neutral for contractors to colour just enough for each job.
  • It’s quick – a 2/3 day system instead of the usual 4/5 days.
  • It’s hard wearing – no soft calcium carbonate in sight, Politura is based on extremely hard quartz.
  • It’s versatile :-
    • Chose from 27 colours
    • Use on floors and walls
    • Will go over concrete, SL’s, timber and tiles
    • 4 finishes with just two products :-
        1. Salt and Pepper
        2. Smooth Polished
        3. Smooth Linen
        4. Textured
  • It’s cost effective – middle of the road on cost.
  • No minimum order/stocking levels.
  • Range of sealers available – impregnators, acrylic, carbon based, polyurethane and epoxies.

But what would contractors actually using it think?

We are delighted to say that we have had a resoundingly positive response both here in the UK and Europe.  The smoothness of the product and the fact that there are no chatter marks (a result of the careful selection of sand grains) are two of the main reasons it’s converting so many experienced floor layers.

But by far the best response has come from Silviu Damian from Avantgarde Tiling, a well respected contractor in the flooring industry whose projects famously include the McLaren building.  Citing the excellent adhesion and impressive durability exhibited during their independent tests, Silviu said, “If I were to describe the Achtis Politura range as a car it would have to be the Bugatti Veyron.   In my opinion it is the best microcement product on the market today.  Not only is it a two to three day system it is also incredibly easy to use and outperforms every other micro we have tested by very impressive margins.”

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