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EP 104 Epoxy and APU46 Polyurethane Case Study

A Real World Case Study – all completed photos have been taken after 5 month continuous use. This is the cafeteria, coffee shop and main corridor at Franklin College a sixth form college in Grimsby and serves the colleges 3000+ students and staff.

Originally a couple of serveries joined by a corridor the area was transformed this summer into a larger, more open space where students could not only eat but also study in a less formal setting than a classroom or library. It is still one of the main corridors linking various areas of the building but has now been transformed into a central hub for communal and social interaction and learning.

The job required a seamless and hard-wearing floor surface that was easy to clean and would add to the contemporary look of the project. As cost was also an important factor it was decided to use a more cost-effective epoxy base coat and seal it with a hard-wearing polyurethane sealer. The high levels of UV from the floor to ceiling windows also required a photo-stable polyurethane.

The floor was primed with EP 70, coated in EP 104 and sealed with APU 46 Matt Sealer in Anthracite.

As well as its photo-stable qualities APU 46 was selected as it is extremely resistant to water-based solutions and diluted acids and alkalis. The product is very resistant to staining from household chemicals, strongly dyeing foodstuffs and drinks like beer, red wine or coke so is ideal for this situation. The matt surface also reduces the light dispersion of the surface and reduces glare and obvious marking.

The photo’s in the gallery show the preparation of the sub-base, application of primer, base coat and sealed surface, as you would expect. But we have also shown you the “hammer” it received less than 24 hours later when the kitchen fitters arrived the day after the floor had been sealed.

We also wanted to show how well the surface has stood up to the test of time so all completed photographs were taken when the floor had been down for five months and in continuous use for that time.