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APU 47 High Gloss Sealer

APU 47 2 component, water clear polyurethane coating.
It is a water clear polyurethane, high gloss coating suitable for sealing decorative and broadcast epoxy and polyurethane surfaces.

Water Clear

Resistant to water and chemicals

Self levelling

Solvent Free

Photo stable

Fast Setting

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Product Features

APU 47 is photo stable and will not yellow. This makes is suitable for sealing light, ie white, cream or ivory where a high gloss finish is required.

The self levelling properties of AU 47 ensure a smooth, even surface that is easy to apply.

APU 47 is based on solvent free environmentally friendly technology and offers a great alternative to solvent based coatings.

APU 47 cures by physical drying and chemical cross-linking to a consistent strong film. The resultant surface is a hard, abrasion resistant, photo-stable film with very little tendency to staining. It also has the important added benefit of being very easy to clean. APU 47 is resistant to water based solutions, diluted acids and alkalis.

Product features

  • Rapid setting
  • Suitable for wet areas
  • Cures to a smooth, high gloss finish
  • Water clear
  • Non-yellowing
  • Solvent Free


  • As a high gloss sealer to any decorative or broadcast floor
  • As a covering to non photo stable products
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Technical Data

Coverage 0.4 – 1.0Kg / m2 dependent on application – see data sheet for full details

tack free 4 – 6 hours @ 20 °C

recoat window 5 – 9 hours but within 48 hours @ 20 °C

Application of APU 47 onto EP 70FS must be carried out after 4 – 8 hours but before 24 hours.

Available in 10kg

Apply with squeegee, trowel or roller