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Fluid Applied Cushioned Flooring System

An elegant hard-wearing surface that has the cushioned feel of a vinyl but has no joins or welds. Each product is self-levelling making this one of the easiest comfort floors to apply.

Completely Seamless

Sound Absorbing/Deadening


System Properties





Sound deadening – absorbs ambient sound

Highly resistant to chemicals and staining

Extremely hard wearing


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Why choose this system?

Apart from being designed with you, the contractor in mind, this system has some superb features:

This system combines APU 40, vibration and sound absorbent polyurethane, APU 45 , flexible polyurethane coating and APU 46, photo-stable matt sealer.

The APU 40 incorporates cork granules – instead of the less eco-friendly granular rubber – giving a comfortable surface to stand and walk on that has the added benefit of lowering subsonic/ambient noise.

APU 40 is a fluid applied product with excellent self levelling properties. The combination of these two factors make it extremely easy to apply so saving time and money.

APU 45 has enhanced flexible properties offering greater deformability and making it the ideal top coat for the APU 40. It can also be used on its own over timber or floors that are prone to cracking. With the same self levelling properties as our other polyurethanes application is again quick an easy.

APU 46 Matt Sealer gives a chemical and stain-resistant finish that is abrasion resistant and hard wearing.