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EP 72 2 Component Moisture Tolerant System Primer

EP 72 2 Component Moisture Tolerant System Primer is a high quality, solvent-free, 2 component, clear, highly moisture resistant primer.
It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Achtis polyurethane systems.

Solvent free

Moisture Tolerant

Self-levelling and easy to use

Cures on even damp surfaces


Nonyl Phenol Free

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Product Features

EP 72 is a moisture tolerant epoxy primer. It can be used in new and old buildings as a primer, scratch coat, or levelling mortar. It has a medium viscosity and is formulated to penetrate the substrate to give a high strength base for subsequent coatings.

It increases the adhesive tensile strength on substrates with inadequate strength.

We strongly recommend that EP 72 be the starting point of our systems if moisture or vapour pressure is present in the substrate.

Furthermore EP72 can be applied to damp or wet surfaces (but not standing water) to displace water resulting in an excellent bond.

Product features

  • Solvent and Nonyl Phenol Free
  • Self-Levelling
  • Penetrating
  • Safe and reliable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Long working life
  • Resistant to Hydrolysis and Saponification
  • Increased resistance to osmosis
  • Cures even on damp surfaces

Areas of Use

  • Base coats on damp and wet surfaces
  • Hardening of substrates with inadequate strength
  • Scratch coats
  • Levelling coats

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Technical Data

0.3 – 0.4 kg/m2 as primer 0.5 kg – 0.8 kg as scratch coat

1.0 kg of EP 72 pre mixed resin add 0.5 kg – 0.8 kg of fine dry sand.

tack free 6 – 8 hours @ 20 °C

Recoat window after curing but within 48 hours @ 20 °C

Resistant to Hydrolysis and Saponification

Available in 10kg units