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ErreLAB Microcement – Epoxy and Polyurethane Based Systems

ErreLAB is an Italian brand with a global reach from Covema Vernici and Sivit Industria Chimica. They specialise in combining design, creativity and application of resin based microcement coatings for floors and walls.

ErreLAB offer the latest technology in microcements giving greater durability, improved stain resistance along with the traditional Italian elegance and quality engineering.

Even more importantly their products are suitable for both internal and external applications in both domestic, commercial and retail settings.







ErreLAB Systems

The ErreLAB range of ‘resin’ based microcements is truly stunning and includes finishes that offer the next level in strength and stain resistance.

The main advantages with epoxy or polyurethane based microcements is that they are non porous and harder wearing than traditional cement based products. This greatly reduces the chances of staining as the majority of products will sit on the surface until they are cleaned up, even if the sealer has been damaged.

If you are not sure about the differences between epoxy or polyurethane microcements take a look at our article Which Microcement Should I Chose

ErreLAB’s systems offer a huge range of colours – over 100 – as well as a range of decorative finishes and textures. Whether you are looking to decorate a wall, floor or garden there is a suitable product in this range.

ErreLAB have also paid particular attention to the build up of each system depending on the sub base for any project. There are a range of products designed to cover screeds, tiles, sub bases subject to moisture, and gypsum based plasters. For more details about the preparation of your surface please call our technical team on 01472 240340.

Huge range of colours available

Colour matching available for most RAL and NCS colours

Can be applied vertically as well as horizontally

Smooth and textured effects

UV Stable systems available

Can be applied externally

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Why choose these products?

  • Versatility – huge variety in finishes and application methods
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Hard wearing
  • Can be used vertically as well as horizontally
  • Can be used internally or externally
  • Excellent Stain resistant
  • UV resistant options
  • Over 100 colours
  • Over 50 years experience