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Microcements – Frequently Asked Questions

What are microcements?

Microcements are a range of beautiful and versatile products used to coat walls and floors in an ever growing array of decorative finishes. Originally a blend of cement, aggregates and polymers they were designed to create a product that combined strength, flexibility and ease of use. Traditionally a repair for existing concrete these microcements have developed into one of the most popular of decorative trends.

As with all products advances in technology now mean that there are two different types of microcement, cement based and resin based. For more information and how to choose which one is right for your project see our article Which Microcement Should I Use?

What is Politura?

Politura is Achtis Groups range of microcements, primers, pre-sealers and sealers. See the Politura product page for more information

Can Politura microcement be used in a bathroom/shower room?

Yes, Politura microcement can be used in a bathroom. As a mineral based microcement it is porous so the water resistance is added using a solvented sealer, see Micro Sol + for more details.

What is Errelab?

Errelab is an Italian brand of resin based microcement distributed in the UK by Achtis Group. The range offers primers for multiple bases including screeds, tiles, plaster board and external applications. There is a range of finishes including smooth and textured finishes. With a pallet of over 200 colours this is an extremely versatile range. See the Errelab Systems product page for more information

Can Errelab microcement be used in a bathroom/shower room?

Yes, Errelab microcement can be used in a bathroom. As a resin based system, each layer is water resistant and is ideal for a bathroom.

Where can I use Microcement?

Microcements can be used in any room in a house, office, warehouse, café, shop, library, football stadium, student accommodation, school, gallery, car park, etc

Microcements can be applied to any flat and level surface i.e.

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Worktops
  • Shelving
  • Display equipment and Furniture

Can microcement be used with underfloor heating?

Yes, both Politura and Errelab systems can be used with underfloor heating.

Can microcement be used outside?

Yes, microcement can be used outside.

You can apply both mineral based and resin based systems outside. However there are less concerns when using a resin based system so we would recommend you look at the Errelab Pietra Outdoor range of products.

What surface can I apply microcement to?

Due to their fantastic bond strengths – verified in independent testing – Politura and Errelab products can be applied to a range of surfaces including:

  • Concrete
  • Self-levelling Compounds
  • Screeds
  • Timber
  • Tiles
  • Metal

Is microcement slip resistant?

Both Politura and Errelab have an R rating of R9 slip resistance as standard. Additional slip resistance can be created in several different ways:

  • Applying a textured finish
  • Not over polishing a linen or smooth finish – Politura
  • Finishing with a slip resistant sealer, Micro Sol PTR10 which incorporates glass bead technology and has a slip rating of R10

Is Politura hard wearing?

Yes, Politura is hard wearing – the quartz used as the aggregate part of the product is an extremely hard product when compared with other mineral based microcements.

Will microcement crack?

The polymers in Politura mean that the product itself will not crack. Errelab systems are also designed not to crack.

However, microcements are for surface coverage only and if the base it is applied to has a crack or is subject to movement cracks may appear. Think of cracks in plaster as a house settles or settlement or stress cracks in a concrete floor or base mirroring through in the grout around a tile.

What can I do about the cracks I already have?

There is not simple answer to this question. Quite simply it will depend on what the crack is, where it is, what caused the crack and will there continue to be a problem?

The best thing to do in this situation is to speak to a specialist. Our technical team have nearly 50 years’ experience in the construction industry and have seen pretty much every version of a crack that is known on a building site or in a property. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01472 268865 and we’ll be happy to help.

What is the Politura System and how is it applied?

The Politura System is a range of products that have been engineered to work together to create beautiful and hard wearing microcements.

The range includes: –

  • Politura Primer, which can be used for use on all surfaces
  • Medium, Fine and Smooth microcements which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to create your desired finish
    • Medium – 300 microns – larger sand grains for strength and durability
    • Fine – 50 microns – smaller sand grains to fit between the gaps of the Medium coats to create a smoother finish. Easier to polish
  • Politura Pre-Seal is optional and applied to ensure that there are no bond breakers between the surface and the sealer and to reduce the chance of roller marks when applying a polyurethane sealer
  • One of a range of impregnators/densifiers and polyurethane sealers. The correct finishing product is extremely important, not only to ensure you get the look you want but to ensure the performance of the finished floor – see questions on Sealers for more details

What is the Errelab System and how is it applied?

The Errelab System is a comprehensive range of products that have been engineered to work together to create smooth and textured finishes onto both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The range includes: –

  • A variety of primers and smoothers designed to work with different surfaces such as screeds, plasterboards and tiles.
  • Two main decorative products – Spatolato and Base Pietra – that can be applied with various techniques to create over 10 different effects.
  • Over 200 colours in fully photostable colours throughout the range.
  • Gloss, matt and satin sealers
  • Each finish is also available for external application.

What size kits are the Politura and Errelab supplied in?

    We do not supply these products in a kit form. Instead we quote for each project on it’s own merits. This reduced waste and in most cases can save you money

Do I have to use a mesh?

No. It is not necessary to use a mesh.

Politura has been formulated with enough flexibility and strength to ensure that it does not need any reinforcing mesh. This makes it a quicker and easier system to use.

Errelab has an optional carbon fibre that can be added in to the prep layer.

PLEASE NOTE MESH IN A MICROCEMENT IS NOT THE SAME A MESH IN THE BASE We are happy to discuss the difference in depth just call 01472 268865 to speak with our technical team

Is there a minimum order?

No. We are happy to supply small, quantities to order.

What is the lead time on an order?

All products are kept in stock here in the UK. Orders are usually processed on a 1 – 2 day basis from 5m² to 2000m²

All deliveries to the UK are next day. Delivery times for the rest of Europe will vary, please ask for more details about your address.

How many colours are there?

We offer 27 standard colours in the Politura range. Politura Colour Chart

Errelab have over 200 colours to choose from. Errelab Colour Charts

Can I have a sample?

Yes, we have small samples of finished Politura and Errelab that we can post out to you. Please call or email your request

Do you do sample kits?

Yes, we do provide sample kits please call our office to discuss further on 01472 268865.

If you are looking to specify a certain look for a project we suggest you consult your contractor and they will create a sample to your requirements.

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